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  • Get Your Food-Grade Industrial Lubricants & Oils from CAMCO

    Our food-grade industrial lubricants and oils are not only environmentally safe, but they also last longer and provide more effective lubrication for every machine you use them for.

  • We Have Industrial Lubricants for Every Industrial Application

    Whether you need oil and lubricant applications for room temperature, hot, or below freezing conditions, we have developed formulas that go above and beyond the industry standard.

  • Reduce Leaks and Increase Productivity with Our Lubricants

    Hardened seals and gaskets are not a problem when you use our lubricants. Our formulas can actually stop leaks and increase the life of your parts keeping your machines running longer.

Welcome to CAMCO Lubricants, where you can get lubricants and oils for your machines that last longer, perform better, and increase life of your equipment.

Choose Our Industrial Lubricants and Make Your System Work Better, Longer

When you order CAMCO® Ammonia Refrigeration Oils for your complex ammonia refrigeration systems, you’re placing your trust in premier fluids specifically designed for use in your type of system. Our industrial lubricants consistently outperform mineral oils in any ammonia refrigeration applications.

Concerned about corrosion? Our cooling lubricants are especially effective in combating rust and corrosion. They also promote a long life in rotary screw, vane ammonia, and reciprocating compressors. You won’t need to worry about excess sludge or temperature instability with our patented oils. Make the CAMCO choice—and prolong your system’s life span. We’re your source for food-industry related lubricants of all kinds!

We’re your source for the following industrial lubricants:

  • Refrigeration lubricants
  • Air compressor lubricants
  • Hydraulic lubricants
  • Vacuum pump lubricants
  • Gear lubricants
  • Greases
  • Chain lubricants

Want to find a CAMCO distributor? Simply call us at (763) 205-0828 or send an email to info@camcolubricants.com to find distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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