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CAMCO Ammonia Refrigeration Oils

Here are the most popular CAMCO series for ammonia refrigeration systems:

  • CAMCO 717 Series
    This series features premier fluids for today’s ammonia service, with outstanding stability, no sludge-forming tendencies, and superior stamina (outlasting mineral oils 4-8 times).
  • CAMCO FMO 4600-68
    This is a synthetic hydrocarbon based fluid that is designed for the new, extremely low temperature ammonia applications (less than -45°C/-49°F). It has pour points as low as -51°C/-59.8°F.
  • CAMCO 4600-15 SC 
    This product was designed for use in Cornell ammonia refrigeration pumps.
  • CAMCO 717 LTSC
    A Synthetic Hydrocarbon with synthetic and semi-synthetic fluid additions and specifically designed for low temperature ammonia compressors to: protect against corrosion, oxidation and thermal breakdown, provide seal swell (patented), improve coalescing, and prevent foaming.
  • FMO CAMCO 4628-SC
     A 100% Synthetic Hydrocarbon based lubricant including specially designed additives for ammonia compressors or harsh environments with a patented Seal Conditioner to: protect against corrosion, oxidation and thermal breakdown; improve coalescing; and prevent foaming. Used for applications where the lubricant is subjected to certain harsh chemical environments.
  • CAMCO SAB 68
    CAMCO® SAB-68 is truly a wax-free 100% Synthetic Hydrocarbon fluid containing Polyalphaolefin and Alkylated Benzene based lubricants. Developed for high-performance refrigerators using ammonia as a refrigerant.

HFC Refrigerants

  • CAMCO Solest Series
    The Solest Series products are formulated from modified ester base stocks to provide controlled miscibility, as well as solubility with all HFC based refrigerants, including R-134a. They are mineral oil compatible and can be used to effectively retrofit an existing CFC based system. The controlled miscibility and solubility properties of the lubricants have led to improved volumetric efficiency in compressor tests, as well as providing efficient oil return from the system. In addition, tests conducted on the fluid have shown no loss of lubricant film under diluted conditions with rolling ball elements.

CFC & HCFC Refrigerants

  • CAMCO Alkyl Series
    This series of fluids are our alkyl benzene based products. These are typically used in applications such as R-502 and low temperature R-22 where additional miscibility is required.
  • CAMCO RO-15, RO-30, & RO-50
    This series are made from naphthenic base crudes that are highly refined to provide proper lubrication in refrigeration and air conditioning compressors with various types of refrigerants.
  • CAMCO 4214 Series
    These fluids exhibit excellent thermal and chemical stability, natural lubricity with HCFC refrigerants, and good low temperature solubility.
  • CAMCO Lenoil Series
    These fluids are designed for use in all CFC and HCFC applications. They offer additional miscibility over conventional mineral oils, but do not have the excessive thinning that can be seen with alkyl benzene based products.

Propane & Hydrocarbon Refrigeration

CO2 Refrigeration Oils

  • CAMCO FMO 4624-68

    These specifically designed for CO2 refrigeration compressors. The FMO 4624 Series are custom-blended synthetic hydrocarbon fluids giving improved lubrication at high and low temperatures.

  • CAMCO RPC-85
    A custom formulated Polyolester (POE) synthetic lubricant series suitable for certain refrigeration applications such as with Carbon Dioxide and hydrocarbon refrigerants. Benefits include: excellent lubricity, improved low temperature characteristic and higher efficiency. Very low volatility can improve oil separation in equipment designed with coalescing elements and improve seal lubrication.


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