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  • CAMCO 41 Series
    CAMCO 41-5/15 | CAMCO 41-32/46 | CAMCO 41-68/100 | CAMCO 41-150/220
    Applications include air, vacuum, rotary screw, rotary vane, centrifugal compressors used in chemical process; gas turbines, rotary blowers, rotary lube, and an excellent heat transfer fluid
  • CAMCO 410 Series CAMCO 410-100-D | CAMCO 410-150-D
    Applications include air, rotary vane, reciprocating compressors, and vacuum pumps
  • CAMCO 4208 Series
    CAMCO 4208-100/220 | CAMCO 4208-320/370
    Applications include high-temperature oven chains, tender frame ovens, & paint and ceramic ovens
  • CAMCO 42-S Series
    CAMCO 42-S-32 | CAMCO 42-S-46 | CAMCO 42-S-68 | CAMCO 42-S-100
    Applications include high-temperature, rotary-screw air compressor oil
  • CAMCO 4214 Series
    CAMCO 4214-68 | CAMCO 4214-100 | CAMCO 4214-150 | CAMCO 4214-320 
    Includes new technology, refrigeration-compressor lubricants
  • CAMCO 4276-68
    Includes new technology, refrigeration-compressor lubricants
  • CAMCO 42-R Series
    CAMCO 42-68-R | CAMCO 42-100-R | CAMCO 42-150-R | CAMCO 42-220-R
    High-temperature applications suitable for air compressors, bearings, ovens, hydraulic systems, and more
  • CAMCO FMO 4600-68
    Full synthetic ammonia refrigeration oil for low-temperature applications
  • CAMCO 4620 Series
    CAMCO 4620-220 | CAMCO 4620-320 | CAMCO 4620-460
    Synthetic gear and bearing oil
  • CAMCO 717 Series CAMCO 717-HT | CAMCO 717-LT | CAMCO 717-SC | CAMCO 717 LTSC
    Ammonia refrigeration oils
  • CAMCO 91-HT Series
    CAMCO 91-10/22-HT | CAMCO 91-32/46-HT | CAMCO 91-40-HT | CAMCO 91-68-HT
    Oils for liquid-ring vacuum pumps, rotary-screw air compressors, and rotary vane compressors
  • CAMCO 92 Series
    CAMCO 92-46/68-HT | CAMCO 92-100-HT | CAMCO 92-150/220/320-HT
    Gear and bearing lubricants
  • CAMCO 93 Series
    CAMCO 93-68/100/150
    Rotary screw compressors and vacuum pumps
  • CAMCO 98 Series
    CAMCO 98-32/68/220-HT | CAMCO 98-100-HT
    Formulated to adhere to metal surfaces where oil control is necessary
  • CAMCO Compressor Oil HT Series
    CAMCO Compressor Oil 68-HT | CAMCO Compressor Oil 100-HT | CAMCO Compressor Oil 150-HT
    Reciprocating air compressor oil
  • CAMCO FMG Series
    CAMCO FMG-460 Synthetic | CAMCO FMG 100-2
    Semi-synthetic food grade greases
  • CAMCO FMO Series
    CAMCO FMO-5/15 | CAMCO FMO-32/46 | CAMCO FMO-44-5/15 | CAMCO FMO-44-32/46/68 | CAMCO FMO-68/100 | CAMCO FMO-108-68 | CAMCO FMO-150/220
    Food grade machine oils, liquid-ring vacuum pumps, rotary-screw air compressor oils, heat-transfer oils, and oil control for chains and textile mill applications
  • CAMCO PAG Series
    CAMCO PAG 05-32 | CAMCO PAG 16-32/46
    Polyalkylene glycol lubricants, flooded screw compressors, & diaphragm pumps
  • CAMCO 717 LTSC 
    A Synthetic Hydrocarbon with synthetic and semi-synthetic fluid additions and specifically designed for low temperature ammonia compressors to: protect against corrosion, oxidation and thermal breakdown, provide seal swell (patented), improve coalescing, and prevent foaming.
  • CAMCO 4628-SC
    A 100% Synthetic Hydrocarbon based lubricant including specially designed additives for ammonia compressors or harsh environments with a patented Seal Conditioner to: protect against corrosion, oxidation and thermal breakdown; improve coalescing; and prevent foaming. Used for applications where the lubricant is subjected to certain harsh chemical environments.
  • CAMCO FMO 4624-68
    These specifically designed for CO2 refrigeration compressors. The FMO 4624 Series are custom-blended synthetic hydrocarbon fluids giving improved lubrication at high and low temperatures.

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