CAMCO RO-15, RO-30, & RO-50


CAMCO RO-Series are made from napthenic base crudes that are highly refined to provide proper lubrication in refrigeration and air conditioning compressors with various types of refrigerants.

For use in compressors: Rotary, Centrifugal, Reciprocating.

Using refrigerants: 11, 12, 22, 113, 114, 502

Methyl Chloride, Carbon Dioxide.

  • OEM Approved and used by major manufacturers.
  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability. Resistance to high temperature with the ability to remain chemically stable in the presence of other components.
  • Low POUR point to prevent separated oil from congealing.
  • Low FLOC point. Oil is wax free to provide excellent low temperature characteristics.
  • CAMCO Oils are compatible with Texaco, Suniso and Zerol and can be used as a replacement for them.
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