CAMCO FMG-460 Synthetic Grease is part of a family of new high performance synthetic lubricants especially designed to meet the requirements of the food industry. For the first time, a truly high performance grease is available for applications with indirect food contact. The growing trend to extend intervals between lubrication and the increasing use of sealed-for-life bearings impose increasingly stringent demands on grease performance. Service under temperature extremes, shock loading, vibration, and water wash conditions add to these demands. CAMCO FMG-460 Synthetic Grease uses a polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluid to provide extended service life and wide temperature range capability. Coupled with a high performance additive package, this new product is a real multi-purpose lubricant which can effectively handle a wide range of applications. Authorized by USDA for use in Federally inspected meat & poultry plants. Complies with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 – Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact.


    • Wide operating temperature range.
    • Extended low temperature torque characteristics, as low as -54°C (-65°F).
    • Soft and serviceable to -62°C (-80°F).
  • Very high dropping point of 274°C (526°F).
  • Long bearing life at elevated temperatures and high speeds provides long term Lubrication at 204°C (400°F).
  • Exceptionally good resistance to oxidation and water washout.
  • Excellent in bearings where vibration and oscillatory motion exist.
  • Very good extreme pressure and antiwear properties.
  • Consistency maintained under extensive shearing.
  • Good for splines screws-worm gears using grease.
  • The polyalphaolefin base fluid in this product is similar to mineral oils. Therefore, seal materials compatible with conventional petroleum products are also compatible withCAMCO FMG-460 Synthetic Grease
Applications Because of its truly multi-service capabilities, CAMCO FMG-460 Synthetic Grease is suitable for lubrication of most anti-friction bearing over a wide range of temperatures and speeds where long retention, oxidation stability and resistance to the washing effects of water are necessary. This grease is also recommended for splines, screws, grease-lubricated worm gears and other mechanisms featuring steel-to-steel or steel-to-bronze surfaces. Additionally, it is recommended in bearing situations where oscillatory motion and vibration create problems. CAMCO FMG-900 SEMI-SYNTHETIC GREASE

CAMCO FMG-900 Grease is an advanced food grade lubricant specially formulated to deliver premium performance and food grade purity.

Key performance improvements include high drop point, low temperature pumpability and excellent resistance to water wash out.

Several other performance benefits—stands up to extreme pressure, excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection—are identical to those offered by general-purpose industrial grease. YetCAMCO FMG-900 Grease meets the highest food industry purity standards: USDA H-1 for incidental food contact applications, FDA regulation 178.3570 and Agriculture Canada requirements.

CAMCO FMG-900 Grease is certified for preparation of kosher food.

Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding resistance to fluid breakdown caused by water or juice.
  • Maintains consistency and lubrication effectiveness in presence of food juices.
  • Resists water washout and most sterilizing chemicals during spray cleaning.
  • Long-term rust and corrosion protection.
  • Prevents bearing and gear damage caused by moisture.
  • White, non-staining performance.
  • Easier to spot excess grease squeezing out of seals.
  • Does not stain clothing, wood or porous material.
  • High dropping point.
  • Will not run from bearings near ovens or under steam cleaning.
  • Ideal for heavily loaded bearings.
  • Wide variety of applications.
  • Reduced inventory costs since one grease can be used for many applications.


CAMCO FMG-900 Grease is specially formulated for the food industry but it produces equally good results when used to lubricate:

  • Sleeve and anti-friction bearings, slides, guides and couplings.
  • Lumbar and pulp/paper machinery where staining or contamination is a concern.
  • Textile machinery bearings.
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