The CAMCO Difference: Why the Right Brand of Industrial Lubricants Matters

How can you save money by spending more for CAMCO products, you may ask?

The answer is simple: CAMCO hydrocracked lubrication products last four to eight times longer than conventional mineral oils. Not only does longer life result in less overall need for oil, but low volatility also means less lubricant consumption. Therefore, it means less oil consumed, less oil purchased, & less waste oil for disposal.

We’ve listed a few common questions and answers about CAMCO industrial lubricants. Read on!

How Can CAMCO Products Last 4 – 8 Times Longer than the Oil I’m Using Now?

Extensive engineering and research goes into the development of a synthetic lubricant to determine the chemical composition of the base stock and additive package needed for each application. Since lubricants must co-exist with some chemicals, the selection of additives (chemicals) must be carefully chosen to assure chemical inertness and compatibility.

Synthetic oils are built from the ground up on the molecular level to find the desired qualities that meet your lubrication needs. Importantly, they also meet manufacturers’ specifications while a given product or chemical is being pumped or compressed.

Are All Synthetic Oils Alike?

No. There are several base stocks in synthetic lubricants, some compatible with mineral oils and some not. While many synthetic lubricants blends are made from the same base stocks, the additives that are used enhance lubricant performance during the selected task and determine how fluids differ.

CAMCO lubricants are formulated with propriety-additive packages chosen from carefully selected additives, combining the best technology available. All of this sets CAMCO ahead and apart from the competition.

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