CAMCO Alkyl Series


CAMCO ALKYL 150CAMCO ALKYL 300 and CAMCO ALKYL 500 are new alkylbenzene type synthetic refrigeration compressor lubricating oils. Their viscosity levels are 150, 300 and 500 SSU 100ºF respectively. They are of highest quality, 100% synthetic oils having properties especially selected to insure long trouble-free life in all types of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump compressor service applications.


Superior Low Temperature Performance — As measured by the ASHRAE Standard “Floc Point” test which shows the temperature at which a wax precipitate “flocs”, or drops out of an oil-refrigerant mixture under specified conditions. Alkylbenzene oils have no waxy components and therefore yield floc point values much lower than equal viscosity, conventional petroleum oils.

Solubility with Refrigerants — CAMCO ALKYL alkylbenzenes are significantly more soluble or “miscible” with all refrigerants than are conventional petroleum oils. This is a direct result of their chemical nature and is beneficial in reducing oil-refrigerant stratification or separation, in the operating system. The practical result of the good solubility properties of CAMCO ALKYL 150CAMCO ALKYL 300 and CAMCO ALKYL 500 is lower fluid viscosity in the evaporator and in suction return lines. This assures that oil will be returned to the compressor crankcase to maintain an oil film and extend compressor life.

Excellent Compatibility — CAMCO ALKYL alkylbenzene oils are fully compatible with all of the variety of materials including metals, wire coatings, varnishes, etc. that are present in a refrigeration system. They do not react with those materials to form sludges or deposits, even under severe operating conditions.

Physical Properties

CAMCO ALKYLS are light in color, clear in appearance and are easy and safe to handle and use. They are non-toxic. They also have improved foaming properties, with less tendency to foam in mixtures with refrigerants under the varying conditions of compressor system service. CAMCO ALKYLS are fully compatible with all refrigeration oils of conventional petroleum and alkylbenzene types.

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