CAMCO 9 HT Series

CAMCO 9-150-HT | CAMCO 9-220-HT

A hydrotreated line of heavy duty hydraulic (anti-wear) oils. Ideal for hydraulic systems and vacuum pumps. The higher viscosity grades may also be gear box oils.

CAMCO 9-HT anti-wear (AW) hydraulic oils are recommended for heavy-duty hydraulic applications requiring the best of wear protection at pressures in excess of 1000 psi (7000 KPA). Depending on viscosity grade, they can provide excellent performance down to low ambient temperatures. Their performance in the field has proven to be outstanding in terms in low wear on hydraulic pumps and valves, protection against rust, corrosivity and long term resistance to both thermal breakdown and oxidation.

CAMCO 9-HT (AW) oils meet the demanding hydraulic fluid requirement of reciprocation, gear, piston and vane pumps. The higher viscosity grades pass the demanding Denison HF-O pump test requirements.

The CAMCO 9-150-HT and CAMCO 9-220-HT oils may be used for gear box application. Their additive package makes them premium, extended life, rust and oxidation-inhibited lubricants. They have excellent demulsibility and anti-foam properties.

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