CAMCO 4620 Series

CAMCO 4620-220 | CAMCO 4620-320 | CAMCO 4620-460

CAMCO 4620 Series products are fully formulated synthetic gear and bearing lubricants based on synthetic hydrocarbons. The CAMCO 4620 Series products have excellent thermal and oxidative stability, combined with superior gear load carrying ability.

The synthetic hydrocarbon base fluid has proved in extensive field evaluations to give extended service life and overall economic benefits. Synthetic hydrocarbons combine high viscosity indexes, high film strength and excellent mechanical shear resistance even in heavily loaded gear applications. Additives provide superior oxidative stability corrosion protection and load carrying ability. Field test reports state that lower operating temperatures are possible due to reduction in heat build-up due to friction. The reduced friction may also reduce horsepower requirements up to five percent depending on other operating and environmental conditions.

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