CAMCO 4276-68

CAMCO 4276-68 is a designed lubricant specifically formulated for industrial applications where air temperatures often exceed 500ºF.

Product Description

CAMCO 4276-68 is a stable dispersion of graphite in an ashless polyolester synthetic fluid. It may also be used for other applications where the combination of heat stable lubricating oil and an adherent solid lubricating film provide a low coefficient of friction and prevention of metal-to-metal contact even when the synthetic film volatilizes.


Reduced wear, improved extreme pressure properties and friction reduction are combined with high temperature stability. The synthetic lubricant provides a fluid film to higher temperatures than mineral oils. If temperatures rise to the point that the synthetic fluid volatilizes, no residue remains except an adherent film of graphite. This lubricating film remains on the wear surface to temperatures approaching 750ºF.

Low volatility characteristics help to provide a longer lasting fluid film, increasing lubrication intervals and reducing lubricant consumption. CAMCO 4276-68 has a high autoignition point which reduces the possibility of fires. Lower volatility also reduces smoke to provide a cleaner environment. A high boiling point allows the lubricant to penetrate and lubricate wear surfaces on hot chains.

Excellent thermal stability and an ashless synthetic carrier fluid reduce carbon and varnish build-up. In fact, CAMCO 4276-68 has natural detergency properties that often help to clean up parts already contaminated by inferior lubricants. The result of reduced carbon build-up and the improved lubricity of a solid film lubricant is energy savings.

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