CAMCO 4214 Series

CAMCO 4214-68 | CAMCO 4214-100 | CAMCO 4214-150
CAMCO 4214-320

The CAMCO 4214 Series fluids are new technology refrigeration compressor lubricants.

These proprietary fluids offer the advantages of excellent natural lubricity, excellent thermal and chemical stability with CFC refrigerants, a wide range of viscosity grades and solubility with certain refrigerants such as R-22 to very low temperatures. The availability of higher viscosity grades make these fluids an excellent choice for applications such as rotary screw compressors. A higher working viscosity allows for a better seal between rotors and provides better lubrications to bearings and seals. Good solubility at low temperatures assures lubricant return from flooded evaporators and better exchanger efficiency. Extremely low volatility provides improved lubricant/gas separation with coalescing filters.

Studies are currently in progress to examine potential energy savings in rotary screw compressors.

Consult CAMCO Lubricants for information on suitability for particular refrigeration applications.

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