CAMCO 42-S Series

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CAMCO 42-S Series products are custom blended polyol ester (POE) long life synthetic lubricants. They are ideal for rotary screw air compressor applications where oil is exposed to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. Accelerated tests show CAMCO 42-S Seriesproducts have at least four times the life of conventional Diester oils.

CAMCO 42-S Series products are especially advantageous in high temperature applications. They do not leave varnish or sludge when they oxidize like polyalphaolefin (PAO) or mineral oils based products do.

CAMCO 42-S-46 is readily biodegradable. Small amounts of this oil spilled or leaked onto the ground will not adversely affect the environment. Disposal of this fluid should be done in accordance with Local, State, and Federal regulations.

CAMCO 42-S Series products’ high quality basestocks coupled with state of the art additive technology results in performance improvements beyond mineral oil and other synthetic air compressor lubricants and meets USDA requirements for H-2 food grade. Among these are:

  • Outstanding low temperatures properties.
  • Extremely low volatility.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Exceptional thermal stability.
  • Good natural lubricity.
  • Excellent oxidative stability.
  • Superior demulsibility.
  • Better gas-lubricant separation (better coalescing).
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