CAMCO 42-R Series

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CAMCO 42-R Series products are high temperature, oxidation-resistant, fire resistant, polyol ester synthetic lubricants suitable for air compressors, bearings, ovens, hydraulic systems, and other high temperature applications. CAMCO 42-R is particularly suited for applications where the temperatures exceed 350ºF and the oil is in contact with air, e.g. cylinder lubrication of reciprocating air compressors having high compression ratios of large diameter cylinders where jacket cooling is inadequate. This lubricant, with good stability, resists breakdown and prevents build-up of deposits on the hot compressor discharge valves.

In addition to good stability and fire resistance, CAMCO 42-R has low volatility, resist thinning at elevated temperatures, and has excellent lubricity and film strength. This greatly reduces the quantity of lubricant which must be fed to conveyors, compressor cylinders, etc. Usage can be reduced ten-fold or more. One point per 20,000,000 – 40,000,000 square feed of swept cylinder surface is usually adequate for air compressor cylinder lubrication. This is an important factor in eliminating fire and explosions in compressed air systems and for applications where it is important to minimize pollution or contamination (e.g. instrumentation). CAMCO 42-R Seriesmeets USDA requirements for H-2 food grade.

CAMCO 42-R Series products are also ideal for applications where the oil is exposed to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time. Air oven tests at 400ºF show CAMCO 42-R to have at least four times the life of the more conventional Diester lubricants

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