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Welcome to CAMCO Lubricants, the supplier of superior industrial lubricants and super refined hydrocracked mineral oils. CAMCO Lubricants have been designed for use in modern high-speed screw and reciprocating compressors, pumps and other machinery used in the food processing and manufacturing industry.

Our Mission

At CAMCO, you will receive personal consideration, timely feedback and individualized solutions. Service is our specialty. Integrity is our hallmark. For innovative lubrication technology and responsive service, you can count on CAMCO for protective industrial lubricants.

Our History

CAMCO is the leading supplier of high quality synthetic lubricants for food processing and manufacturing industries. CAMCO was formed in 1987 when it was evident there was a need in the industry for providing lubricants that are specifically designed for use in the machinery and under the conditions in which the machinery operates.

Whatever the application, our team of chemical engineers and laboratory-supported field technicians help you choose the correct lubricant for your specific application. Extensive research goes into product development in order to assure quality control, extend drain intervals, and resolve supposedly-normal problems from the past. We show you it is possible to save time and money using a superior product by extending lubricant life.

CAMCO responds to your needs by implementing an oil analysis program and developing a distribution network, thereby reducing freight costs.

The oil analysis program was developed in order to help us determine the life expectancy of our fluids, which decrease downtime by extending drain intervals, and determine by particle count method when oil filters need replacing. CAMCO’s laboratory also tests for wear metals, water content, and acid number to keep you informed about any potential problems with the equipment or system.

Our customer service & distribution network is available in the United States, Canada and Mexico. New distributors are added every day as new customers come to us to solve many of their lubrication needs.

Remember, food processing is prime market for CAMCO Lubricants and all our products are USDA H-1 or H-2 approved.

Thanks for learning more about CAMCO. Call for more information at (763) 205-0828.

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